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The name Bella is of Italian origin and translates to "beautiful" or "pretty."

Meet Bella

Introducing Bella, our cherished 2-year-old Cane Corso, born on the brisk winter day of January 13th. With her striking brindle coat and an impressive weight of 91.5 pounds, Bella is a majestic presence in our lives. From the moment she joined our family, Bella has shown an unwavering commitment to being by our side, embodying the true spirit of a family-oriented companion. Her innate ability to sense and respond to our emotions has seamlessly positioned her as the perfect emotional support animal, a role she embraces with grace and empathy.

Bella's day-to-day life is a harmonious blend of physical agility and mental engagement, ensuring she remains both physically and mentally stimulated. Her moderate prey drive is channelled through daily agility training, where her exceptional intellect shines brightly. Bella possesses a remarkable aptitude for problem-solving, quickly mastering new challenges and demonstrating an inherent ability to enhance her skills independently. This keen intelligence, paired with her eagerness to please, makes her an absolute joy to train.

Her demeanor around strangers and other animals is a testament to her well-rounded character. Bella exhibits a profound understanding of her surroundings, distinguishing between potential threats and harmless interactions with an astute discernment that is truly impressive. Her interactions with children and other animals are marked by gentleness and patience, underscoring her sociable and accommodating nature.

As Bella prepares for motherhood, we are confident she will extend her remarkable traits to her offspring. Her exceptional intelligence, coupled with her comprehensive socialization and conditioning, heralds her as an exemplary future mother. Her striking appearance, significant weight, and the depth of her character promise a lineage of equally impressive and well-rounded Cane Corsos. We eagerly anticipate this new chapter in Bella's life, confident in her innate capabilities to nurture and inspire her litter with the same love, intelligence, and sensitivity she has always shown us.

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